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Contact me initially by telephone to discuss your requirements. This will usually result in a face-to-face interview either at my office or by personal visit to your home at a time to suit you, if necessary outside normal working hours.

When I meet you, I will discuss with you the general content, strategy and layout of your CV, and agree a timescale for production to meet your requirements. I will ask pertinent questions to discover facts that will demonstrate your true worth to a prospective employer. At this first meeting, both you and I can decide whether we think I will be able to produce a document that will enhance your chance of securing the position you desire. Should you decide that you do not wish to proceed, no charge will be made.

Occasionally, where a face to face meeting is not possible, the alternative of telephone conversations and exchanges of email has proved to clients a satisfactory way of proceeding.

With your consent, I will prepare your CV, not only to satisfy you, but also my own exacting high standards.

To this end, no CV will be skimped, and sufficient hours will always be devoted to yours.

You will be provided with a draft copy of your CV for your careful scrutiny. Any amendments that you require will be made, and this process of adjustment will continue until your are fully satisfied with the document. Usually email is used to transmit draft documentation to allow your unpressured perusal.

Charges for CV production range from £50 - £150 depending on the length and complexity of your career. In the majority of cases, £120 or less can be charged. Be warned against substantially cheaper options that are often little more than hack typing services. Remember, you are seeking a document that could be instrumental in radically altering your life's course.

The quoted price will include 5 copies of your CV on quality paper and / or an MS Word version saved in any electronic form. Additional copies can be provided at 50p per sheet.

Your CV will be saved on computer file indefinitely to enable future amendments or updates should you require them.

A suitable job-specific or standard-format covering letter can be provided for a charge not exceeding £25.

I have prepared many other usefully persuasive letters for clients for a fee often comparable to that charged for covering letters.

Watford, St Albans, Hemel Hempstead, Harrow, and Hertfordshire and North London generally,
for a face-to-face in-depth consultation at my office or your home, contact me to arrange:

9 Caroline Place, Capel Road, Watford, Herts, WD19 4AF

Tel: 01923 236881